The Seymours Group

In 1992, Seymours Estate Agents embarked on its journey. Through years of dedication and growth, we have evolved into a dynamic cooperative of offices, uniting like-minded partners who share a common goal: to excel in all things property while delivering an unparalleled level of service to our valued customers and clients. Our unwavering commitment has allowed us to thrive for over three decades, expanding our presence to encompass 20 prominent High Street locations providing several services.

There are four pillars that run through everything that we do, learned through many years of practice and experience.

People & Innovation

Our people are driven by a relentless commitment to deliver a personal touch to our professional standards. We’re local, collaborative, bespoke and above all – driven by the success of our neighbourhood. We embrace new trends, not only incorporating them, but also creating them and finding new ways to innovate and be bold.


We are a community of local, partner-owned and run business owners delivering all types of property related services. Our business is made up of individual offices each serving their areas with the very best property and local knowledge. We are a part of each local neighbourhood’s DNA and we safeguard its values, personal interactions and fostering real relationships.


We support sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants from all walks of life. Whatever their needs and experience, we’re committed to making sure we drive quality and value first, do our utmost for our clients and customers, and are committed to simplifyng and enhancing every aspect of their property journey, making it an enjoyable and seamless experience for all involved.

Our Aim

To be “Your Property Partner for Life.”

Get In Touch With Us

Guided by the Board of Directors, The Seymours Group is deeply passionate about property. If you share the same passion and wish to learn more about us, our partners and how you can become involved, feel free to get in touch with Ian Marlow –