2021 Interior Design Trends For Christmas in Surrey – Perfect For The Cosy Season

Planning for Christmas seems to be happening earlier and earlier! It is all about spending time with people we love and making the most of being together. That being said, a lot of us prefer to stay at home which means making it as festive and cosy as possible. These 2021 interior design trends for Christmas are a great way of getting into the spirit early and setting up your home. Especially if you’ve just bought a new place or are looking to sell around wintertime, it can be hard to know what to do with decorations. 

When you are selling your home, you want it to look pristine. But around the festive period, it can be welcoming for potential buyers to see the potential for decoration and tree placement! So while you may not want to go as big as usual, it could work in your favour to add a few bits here and there. 

Similarly, if you have just moved in – you might want to check this list out for places to start. After all, you have a blank canvas to work with and the possibilities are endless! Decorating inside and out can be a task for the whole family or something you do in little increments. Either way, there are some things to look out for this year when shopping for new pieces or rummaging in the depths of your loft.

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DIY Decor

People are getting crafty in an attempt to spend less this Christmas. We’ve become a nation that loves to display our handy work and personalise our designs. It can be a brilliant way to welcome the family if you end up with the task of hosting! From homemade crackers containing personalised jokes and gifts to the little ones’ festive baubles – there is plenty for you to think about that might only cost you materials. 

However, if you are not the crafty type but love the look of homemade decor – this will be another big trend this year. Small businesses and independent creators are flooding our search engines and social media with bespoke tree decorations, gifts and table decor. They tend to offer a more simple and stripped back version of the glamourous styles we may be used to. But they do suit the more natural and traditional look if you prefer something DIY and personal to you. 

Another one of the big 2021 interior design trends for Christmas takes DIY to the next level. People are heading out to local events and workshops to learn more about the festive styles of this year. Businesses use their professional skills, whether it be floristry, art or crafts and will hold stalls to teach locals how to make their own wreaths or centrepieces. So if it is something you want to do more of but don’t know where to start, why not think about attending a workshop to get some more information?

2021 interior design trends for Christmas

Dramatic and Sophisticated

This year you can expect some of the old favourites being modernised or turned up a notch. We all know and love the traditional reds, greens and gold – but what can we do to change it up? Well, 2021 is the year for bold choices and statement pieces. It seems like a lot of people will be opting for different shades of ‘berry’ to pair with our traditional gold detailing. From deep purples to burgundy and maroon, it adds an air of decadence that won’t go amiss during the festive season. 

Similarly, earthy tones will be a favourite – keeping the decor natural. We seem to have found a renewed appreciation for nature and so our styling is sure to reflect this. With people being more conscious about where they buy from and how much they spend, it is clear to see that more retailers have also taken this on board. This leaves us with a far more sophisticated and muted approach to interior design. This brings us nicely to the next 2021 interior design trends for Christmas.

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Especially when it comes to the dinner table, sustainability is a huge focus this year. Retailers and consumers alike are becoming more aware of what is and isn’t recyclable or reusable. This is where we are remembering the old traditions of reusable napkins and tablecloths to avoid single-use products. This means you don’t have to miss out on the fun colours and designs, but are more aware of the environmental impact. 

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DIY crackers that you can refill year upon year or decor made from recycled materials will all be high on the shopping list. Similarly, upcycling old baubles and wreaths can save you having to buy and throw away and will also save you money in a year where budgets may be a bit tighter. 

Furthermore, when the time comes to think about trees – many prefer the smell and atmosphere a real one brings. If you opt for a real pine every year, FSC certified forests allow you to buy from managed forests and keep all of your home design as sustainable as you can. 

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A White Christmas

While we are lucky to see even a dusting over winter, people are bringing the snowy background into their homes. This could give you the perfect clean and welcoming style for that show home look if you’re expecting potential buyers too. Layering textures of white soft furnishings with garlands and other pieces of the same colour will give you the feeling of a white Christmas without having to pop across the water. 

Add depth by piling up different textures and using details like throw pillows to create a sense of space. These will pair well with other cool colours or deep blues to carry the festive feel throughout your home. It certainly bodes well for potential buyers as they walk into a crisp property all set up for the season. Just make sure to keep everything as white as possible if you are expecting important visitors. It might not be wise to put them near the gravy!

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Light It Up

Lighting finishes off any style and this year, the 2021 interior design trends for Christmas include a lot of nostalgia. Vintage plug-ins and trinkets are making a comeback to light up your tree and capture the joy of this season. Think about using LEDs and battery-operated lights to keep costs down and keep your home as eco-friendly as you can during the winter months. 

This year, animal lights and acrylic novelty pieces will be particularly popular. While we see them around, people tend to stick to the white and blue combination. Whereas, these bigger pieces give the neighbourhood a pop of colour and youthful delight that Christmas is all about. We will be seeing more heart-warming displays and all-in homes covered top to toe. Don’t feel like you have to go quite as big, but a few fairy lights definitely make the inside welcoming and cohesive with the rest of your style.

Simple, But Effective

A big thing buyers and sellers are worried about is clutter. Christmas can be one of the worst times for accumulating clutter and knick-knacks that don’t really have a ‘home’. To get around this, we suggest following the simple but effective trend whereby you use fewer decorations but keep them within a theme. This gives your whole property a cohesive feel and keeps the clutter to a minimum. 

It is also something you can take into any future home. Reusing trinkets and baubles (assuming they are packaged well) gives you scope to incorporate your own home decor at the same time. Try adding some window snow spray or minimalistic decorations to compliment the colour scheme of your home’s style. This way, the property is easy to keep tidy but still has little hints of festivity.

Try These 2021 Interior Design Trends for Christmas

As the temperature drops and we get into the festive spirit, decorating is an enjoyable time for some but can be stressful for others. Especially when you are trying to keep the place tidy for potential buyers – you want to make as little mess as possible. While moving can be a lot in itself – some of this year’s trends could be a good way to do some effortless but impactful decorating. You don’t need to spend a lot of money or go out of your way to do up the house. Personal pieces here and there or pops of colour can go a long way.

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