Why you should consider buying a brand new home

We all know that buying secondhand or 'pre-loved' items can sometimes be a bit hit and miss, yet it's not really something most of us would think about when it comes to buying a home.

The truth is that older properties will always come with a history of their own, and if they haven’t been looked after they might have been storing up problems for quite a while.

With a 'new build' home you're effectively buying the equivalent of a brand new car - not only will you be the first owner, everything will be built and equipped to modern standards and there'll even be guarantees and warranties included.

So if you've been pining for a period property while ignoring the benefits of a new build, this article will tell you all about the advantages of making your brand new home, well, brand new!

Move ready

It might seem obvious to say that when you move into a 'new build' you simply unpack everything and get on with enjoying living in your new home. Although, if you’ve ever bought a do-er upper that needs decorating, refurbishing or even fully renovating this scenario will definitely sound like a dream come true!

One of the major advantages of buying a brand new home is that you’ll usually get to decide on the colour schemes, kitchen appliances, lighting and electrical extras, flooring and so much more well in advance of moving day.

So when you put the keys in the lock and cross the threshold for the first time as owners everything that needed doing will already have been done - all you have to do is arrange the furniture, unpack the bags and boxes and (if you can find it) put the kettle on - or just uncork the bubbly!


Of course buying a 'pre-loved' home can involve far more work than painting the odd wall to make it ready to live in.

Your survey should have picked up any major problems such as damp, water ingress, foundation movements or utility supply issues and some of these could even have had to have been addressed by the seller in order for you to agree to buy.

Uncovering a lost fireplace or a beautifully tiled original floor can be a fantastic thing, but you only need to do it once to know how much dirt, dust and disruption it all involves...

In any case, moving into a space that someone else has been living in will always be a strange experience, which is why decorating and even physically changing the layout of rooms is a common thing to do. It's all about making your own mark and creating your own environment.

When you buy a brand new home the hard work has already been done for you, all of it to your exact specifications and wishes. There's no need to think that the first few months will be taken up sharing your new place with builders and contractors with you having to make endless cups of tea while looking over their shoulders at the new holes in your walls!

Save Energy

Whatever your own thoughts about net zero, ever increasing utility bills, weather and climate, the fact is that energy efficiency is a big subject when it comes to our homes.

Of course it makes sense to make sure everything is set up to minimise gas and electricity usage to save your own money, while at the same time wanting to have a home that is warm and cosy in winter months as well.

New build homes have to adhere to the latest regulations and laws governing energy consumption and conservation. This can include anything from the way the building itself is constructed all the way through to how appliances are chosen and windows are fitted with trickle vents.

However, if you’re someone that likes to get out of bed in the morning and feel warmth beneath your feet, you’ll be glad to know that nowadays even underfloor heating can be eco-friendly.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are now needed whenever a property is built or sold. What do they cover? Information about a property’s energy use and expected typical energy costs, as well as handy recommendations about how to reduce your energy use and save money.

Ratings range from A for the most efficient to G for the least. They are awarded by an accredited assessor who issues a certificate which is valid for ten years.

New build, new life

Another big advantage of choosing a newly built home is the sheer range of choice available. From stunning city centre apartments to detached houses in semi-rural locations, there really is something to suit every lifestyle.

So if you’ve been under the impression they lack soul or character, then it’s time to think again.

Once you’ve decided on a location, the various options of how many bedrooms, size of garden, parking space and other important physical aspects of a property are all likely to be available in a number of flexible configurations.

Indoors things are even more open to personalisation, with everything from flooring materials to smart electrical appliance systems giving you the chance to create your own bespoke ideal home environment. Think of it as a pristine blank canvas ready to be styled and arranged to perfectly suit your own tastes and character!

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