Common types of home improvements that add value to your home 

During the Coronavirus pandemic, spending so much time at home means we’ve all considered what could do with a makeover. Your dreams of a loft extension needn’t remain dreams, they might make financial sense as well! 

Here are ten top tips on how to add value to your home through home improvement.


1. Add underfloor heating

While having a tiled bathroom is both aesthetic and easy to clean, in the winter it can be unbearably cold underfoot.

Underfloor heating isn’t just a gimmick either – heat rises, so heating from the floor rather than from the walls with radiators is both more effective and efficient!

solar panels home image

2. Solar panels

Not only are solar panels better for the environment, they can save you money, or even make you money if you end up selling electricity to the grid! With advances in photovoltaic cells, price is no longer the barrier it once was, making eco houses a thing of the present.

3. Double glazing

It saves energy heating, prevents drafts and cool spots by windows, and cuts down any noise from the street. If your windows need redoing, consider going double glazed!


4. Convert the garage

If there isn’t often a car in your garage, why waste the space? Converting a garage is rarely a problem in terms of planning permission, the structure is already there, so it could easily become a guest bedroom or games room for the kids.


5. Go down! 

A slightly bigger project, but converting cellars can add big value to a property. Even if you don’t have a cellar already, there are many companies around, ready to plan and excavate the space required. 

Definitely worth a thought if it’s unlikely you’d get permission to expand out or up and want another room!


6. Change to LEDs

It sounds simple, but it can make a big difference to your energy costs – ‘old school’ light bulbs use a lot of watts, and don’t last as long. 

While LED light used to be harsh and monochromatic, now you can get a whole range of warmer lights, and even ones which can change warmth as well as brightness at the touch of a button.

home insulation image

7. Insulate

Inadequate insulation, especially in the loft, can make the house hard to heat in the winter and an oven in the summer. Insulation cuts heating costs and makes the house a more stable climate to live in!


8. Add a conservatory! 

If you have a nice garden or not, a conservatory can add a space to the house which gets lots of light, perfect for working in or using as a dining room. Planning permission is also rarely an issue here.

home gardening

9. Do up your garden

Often outdoor spaces are overlooked, but especially in the summer, they come into their own. Build a pergola, add some decking, the options are endless, but there’s almost certainly something for you, and it’ll add endless appeal to the property.


10. Redo the bathroom

A slick bathroom certainly draws the eye when viewing a property, and will add to your enjoyment of your home – who doesn’t enjoy a nice morning shower or a relaxing Sunday afternoon bath with a good book.


Whether you’re looking to sell or require a property to rent, we can help. Contact our friendly team of property experts to find out exactly what Seymours can do for you.