Easy DIY tips during lockdown

Where we might have turned a blind eye before, these imperfections become glaringly, and unavoidably, obvious so, why not spend some time, while you can, on some home projects which can both improve your home – and add value at the same time.

A fresh lick of paint – this always cheers up a room and you can either repaint a whole room repaint or just carry out some simple touch-ups as below:

Front door – if you want to make a great first impression or just want to create a warm welcome that will put a smile on your face whenever you return home, painting your front door is a must.  Consider a neutral glossy coat or a bright shade to reflect your personality.

Door frames – Preparation is key with painting, wipe the frame clean, dry with a lint-free cloth, use sandpaper to smooth the wood if necessary and ready to start painting. To ensure the paint looks neat and professional, use a brush thinner than the frame and cover the door hinges with masking tape.

Garden fence – this enhancement is as much about protection as it is about aesthetics.  Not only will it improve how your garden looks, but it can also help to reduce rotting and protect from seasonal weather conditions.

Top Tip: If you are considering redecoration and selling is something you are considering, remember to keep it neutral to allow buyers a blank canvas.

DIY during lockdown

On the tiles

Tiling can be one of those jobs that can immediately transform the look of your wet rooms.  Whether this is replacing the grouting and adhesive in your bathroom or completely retiling the whole area, time spent on this can be very rewarding.


If you want to retile and are comfortable completing this yourself, our tiler recommends laying out the tiles on the floor as they will look on the wall, line a piece of wood next to them and mark where the tiles join. You can then mark the wall appropriately and plan before you start tiling.

DIY during lickdown

Tilers Top Tip: To create a better finish, all tiles should be cleaned beforehand, and use the solid tiles first, then cut the remaining tiles for corners, or oddly shaped parts of the wall.

Upstyle your furniture

You can give old furniture new life with a hint of creativity and craft products, an old chest can be a chic coffee table, suitcases can hold shelving units or create house planters out of old bowls, sinks and any wooden furniture.  Research and preparation is the key to this one.  There are many craft groups on Facebook or ‘how-to’ videos on YouTube so take a look and see what you have available, carry out your research and start upstyling!

DIY during lockdown

Create a winter garden

Give your garden a tidy up, invest in a garden heater and put up some pretty lights!  On those perfect, clear winter nights, pull out the garden furniture, switch on the lights and light the fire.  Gather around the heater with blankets, hot chocolate and roast marshmallows as an alternative to an evening in the home.

FIY during lockdwon

Create your own art

A great one for the whole family!  What a fantastic opportunity for the whole family to spend time together creating something special that can add colour and life to a home, as well as some memories along the way.  If you feel you are not that creative, try taking family photos instead, make an event of it and once done, choose your favourites and display them together.

Love it or leave it.

If the above is just not going to cut the mustard and your home just is not right for you anymore, why not contact one of your local Seymours Estate Agents who will be able to advise you on the best strategy to sell.  We can offer a number of options when it comes to valuing your home so, book yours today.


  • Hardware stores are currently still considered essential by the government, and lots of stores have products available to order online so you should find the tools you need.
  • An NHS warning has advised to stay safe and take the necessary precautions to reduce avoidable accidents.