Get On Board With Guildford Christmas Decorations and Impress The Streets!

It’s that time of the year again. The time of year where we like to add a little festive touch to our surroundings. There are many ways to decorate your Guildford home from silly Christmas jumpers, gingerbread houses and trees to get in the Christmas spirit. For many, a nostalgic aspect of the Christmas season is driving around the dark cold streets looking at the Christmas lights. 

Interior Christmas lights and decorations can do wonders in giving your home that warm cosy Christmas feel. You can incorporate anything from battery-powered lights in mason jars to tinsel draped over banisters for an easy festive environment. 

Do you live in Guildford? Are you considering decorating your home this holiday season? Then why not represent your area by getting in the festive spirit and adding a little sparkle to your home. Here are a few ideas you may wish to consider. 


Christmas Paths 

Why not light the path to your front door with some bright, large and colourful Christmas lights. These will not only be useful in helping illuminate the path to your front door when it is dark and hard to see but will also provide a vibrant look that’s great for the holiday season. With this sort of design, you can go as extravagant or minimal as you like depending on your personal taste. 

Window Boxes

For those who have window boxes in their homes, you can incorporate some interior lights that shine outwards from your home. You may additionally wish to place some candles for an extra cosy feel provided, they are secure and not going to cause a fire hazard. 

Natural garlands are also great in giving a traditional and natural aesthetic. Red lights can be great as the colour red is closely associated with Christmas for many reminding them of Santa Clause and holly berries. These can also be perfect as decoration if you have outside stairs in front of your home as they can be added to the bannisters as a little extra touch. 

Roof Lights

If you can get around the challenge of having them put up, roof lights can be a great way to really tap into your creativity. If your roof is pitched, roof lights can be a really great idea as they can help provide an interesting shape against the night’s backdrop. 

A simple method here is to place colourful lights on the underside of your roof. In choosing to do so you should always ensure that you do so safely, using a sturdy ladder and enough strong cable ties.


Traditional lights

From depictions of the nativity seen to Santa on his slay, there is a range of Christmas light ideas that can bring life to the exterior of your home. There’s something for everyone. Light designs such as these are great for bringing a smile to the face of anyone walking or driving past your house.

You can purchase pre-lit scenes of the nativity or of Santa Claus and his elves online. If you already happen to own any figures at home, you can also use outdoor string to line them for an easy yet impactful Christmas design. 

Candy Canes!

A whimsical way of decorating your front yard whilst getting in the festive mood is by using lit-up candy canes. 

These can be complemented greatly when placed near some lower-level path lights or can shine on their own for a fun yet more minimal look. 

You may also use real candy canes as a great decorative tool for the interior of your home by placing them on Christmas trees. A key bonus here is that you can eat them afterwards! 

House Light Silhouettes 

The dark night sky in the winter can actually be quite advantageous when it comes to Christmas lighting. Use some traditional Christmas coloured rope lights to emphasise the shape of your home, providing a silhouette of light across the night’s sky.  

This method can help provide a sophisticated and impactful aesthetic without too much effort and time involved. This idea also allows you the space to provide further lights to the exterior of your home if you choose. 


Gingerbread Houses

Traditional gingerbread houses will always bring a smile to anyone, but what is even sweeter is turning the outside of your home itself into a massive gingerbread house! One way you can achieve this is to use rope lights and drape them around your home, adding icing droops for a more delicious aesthetic. 

You can even add a gingerbread man or incorporate the candy canes we have previously mentioned to help further the look. 

Additionally, why not go all out with your very own gingerbread village by building a small structure outside the front of your house lined with festive lights. 

Make the Most of Your Bushes

Bushes outside the front of the house are easily forgotten for Christmas decorating. That being said they are great for decorating for providing a more natural Christmas tree type look.  

From candy canes to net lights, there are many ways to make your foliage come alive with the Christmas spirit. You can be creative with colours here also, lighting them up with green lights making it seem as if they’re glowing from within. 

An additional step you can take here is to add some foliage around your home to create a forestry feel welcoming of any Christmas elf. 



If you are lucky enough to have large trees outside the front of your house, why not get them involved in the festivities by wrapping them in monochromatic lights creating the illusion of large lit pillars!

A key tip here is to leave the leaves and branches plain. This means that during the night, the trees will look almost as though they stop mid-air. Providing a look similar to that of a pillar. To really take this look to the next level add some linear roof lights. 

A Pinch of Snow

Those of us living in the UK will know what it’s like waiting all year for snow that never comes. Although you may not be able to create real snow, why not create your very own white Christmas with the use of white lights?

You can use these to drape your bushes, stair rails, and rooflines to create the look of a snow covered house straight out of a Christmas movie. Provide some contrast in colour with some bright red bows to provide a look that is even more eye-catching. 


Santa Claus

If you have kids in the home or know of any families living on your street, having a Santa Claus in your front yard can be great for providing some further excitement as people pass your house being reminded of all the presents they will receive on Christmas day.

You may also wish to feature some wooden elves, a sleigh and reindeer to further complete the scene. By chasing Santa near your chimney you can make it look almost as though he has just been caught in the act of delivering presents. You can even position the elves as though they are loading the sleigh.

Colour Schemes

To nail the Christmas theme for your home, you will need to choose the right colours that give people that warm fuzzy Christmas feeling. A green and red colour scheme can be the easiest way forward as these may remind people of green snowy forests or Santa’s red sleigh and clothes. 

White lights as we have mentioned before can be great for providing an additional wintery snowy touch. 

With a little creativity, you can create a magnificent display of festive colours that will warm the hearts of anybody fortunate enough to see them in person. 


Get Ready for the New Year with Some Fireworks

Outdoor starburst lights can be great for getting people in the new year’s spirit. These lights give the look of real fireworks but without the noise. You may wish to use these as part of a large light display or even on their own for a more minimal yet bold and striking appearance. 

Go All out!

For those who really wish to make their houses stand out you can opt to use the exterior as a blank canvas covering the whole thing in different coloured lights that can be seen a mile away. This method can be quite time consuming and will take a great deal of dedication. Use a wide range of colours and cover each wall with multicoloured lights for a house that will spark the imagination of anybody walking by. A handy tip here is to use wall light clips as these will make the process much more manageable. 

However, you want to manage your Guildford Christmas decorations, represent your street, be creative and have fun with them! 


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