Houses for Sale in Surrey: How to Maximise Your Kerb Appeal

If you have a property to sell, maximising your kerb appeal is an absolute must. Houses for sale in Surrey are in high demand and usually snapped up fast, but first impressions can have a significant impact on the speed of your sale. After all, you only get one chance to make a fantastic first impression!

Whilst the inside of a home is still an important factor, potential buyers will start forming their decision within seconds of pulling up outside. A rundown exterior with cracks in the walls and peeling paintwork suggests a lack of care, an indication to buyers of bigger problems to come. Whether a tidy facade adds value to a property is a hot topic of debate, but what’s certain is that it certainly attracts more viewers and could be the thing that cinches a quick, final sale. The team at Seymours have curated an extensive list of tips of simple and affordable changes that can boost your kerb appeal and make a big difference to your home’s first impression…

#1 Door decor

When searching for houses for sale in Surrey, buyers want a front door worthy of the cover of House Beautiful. Carry out any repairs before giving it a fresh lick of paint, swapping out black or white for a bit of colour instead. We find bright and glossy works well on town properties with greens, blues and hot pinks particularly popular at the moment. Or, for a country house feel, focus on muted eggshell tones to “cosy-up” the property. However, remember the door colour you choose should complement your brickwork or stone well, otherwise, you may deter potential buyers.

TOP TIP: Spend a little time researching the Pantone colour of the year, this is often a popular, trendsetting choice and in the affluent area of Surrey could make your property stand out from the rest.

In addition, replace your door furniture. It’s a relatively inexpensive investment, but worthwhile as it can add to the charm and overall feel or style of your property. Look to a reclamation specialist for heavy Victorian door knockers and letter boxes that match the age of your home; the brass lion’s head knocker never went out of style – nor did burnished letterboxes, elegant door handles, and ornate house numbers. If you are selling a modern property, trial a chrome finish or sleek, geometrical feature.

#2 Let there be light

Outdoor lighting isn’t just a nice-to-have when you’re struggling to find your keys on the doorstep! It’s another simple element that has the ability to transform the exterior of your property and is especially important if you have evening or winter viewings.

There is a range of different options available from ornate, old fashioned mental torches to sleek, contemporary spotlights – just be wary of the lighting colour you choose as this may “wash out” your home. A lantern on either side of the door is a classic look, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your front entrance. Whilst up-lighters can amplify the space, and hidden solar tree lights are a stunning, extra touch that will enchant viewers.

#3 Verdant vegetation

Greenery in your living space can do wonders for your well-being, but you don’t need to have a huge garden to appeal to viewers. For instant impact, plant some simple pots and window boxes, frame your front door with creepers or hook a hanging basket onto your porch.

However, ensure you choose your flora wisely, else you may be left with skeletal stalks once winter rolls around. Consider evergreen shrubs or attractive azaleas that bloom twice a year. Or, double the effect with a welcoming scent from sweet-smelling lavender and rosemary. And, of course, if you have a front lawn ensure that this is in tip-top condition!

#4 Think symmetrically

The human brain is programmed to respond to symmetry, whether it be in art, in faces or property! It can act as a guiding light in almost any form of visual design; the front door serves as your centrepiece and you can mirror your decor around it to appeal to viewers. Consider placing two lanterns, two plant pots, two windows on either side of the entrance – of course, two doorbells might be a little too far a stretch of the imagination!

#5 Move the bins

The devil is in the detail, and whilst you may think you’ll be forgiven for something as simple as moving or hiding your rubbish bins, it can be an immediate red flag for potential buyers. Quickly moving your bins out of sight can make your property’s exterior feel far fresher. Or, for a more permanent upgrade, consider building a wooden cover to conceal the bins completely when not out for collection. 

We’d all much prefer to see a gate, garden and welcoming doormat at first glance rather than an old bin. Plus, first impressions are made using all five senses and you don’t want to risk a foul smell lingering around the exterior of your home. 

#6 Install a bird feeder

A firm favourite across the nation, bird feeders are commonly found in our gardens; however, there’s no reason you can’t also have one by your front door! The chirping of sweet birds is not just a pleasant sound for those viewing your home; in addition, you’ll be supporting local wildlife – it’s a win-win!

What’s more, this is a very affordable transformation, the benefits of which many homeowners have yet to discover and therefore this particular tactic could make your property stand out considerably from the highly competitive housing market.

#7 Clean your gutters

Put simply, to keep the outside drainage system of your home working, you need to clear your gutters. If your gutters become blocked, rainwater could overflow and run down the walls of your house causing serious damage which is costly to correct – house viewers will cast a keen eye over the state of your guttering!

Plus, an unattended gutter can quickly turn into a foul-smelling mass of insects and debris, an unappealing sight and smell for those viewing your home. Whilst it’s easy to forget about your gutters, out of sight certainly shouldn’t mean out of mind especially when looking to sell your home. 

#8 Paving the way

If the path to your front door is looking worn, cracked or a little dirty, invest in some remedial work. After all, the journey to the entrance is one of the most crucial stages of a housing sale as viewers will begin forming their opinion in just a few seconds.

You may want to consider replacing concrete with something more attractive and natural, but at the very least ensure your path has been pressure washed so it’s sparkling clean. Repairing and improving the pathway up to your property typically costs between £100 and £500 depending on the extent of the damage and surface, and whilst this may seem like an unnecessary additional cost it could make a big impact on the kerb appeal. 

#9 Add a friendly doormat

Add a touch of your personality to your property with a friendly, welcoming doormat (but try to avoid any clichés!). When looking at houses for sale in Surrey, some viewers find it difficult to picture themselves living in the property. This simple method of placing a doormat outside your front door can work wonders, immediately inviting house hunters to relax and begin picturing themselves living in the property. 

Houses for sale in Surrey: Maximising your kerb appeal

It can be difficult making your property stand out from the crowd, particularly in such an affluent and popular area such as Surrey. But, there are a number of different tactics you can call upon that have the ability to optimise your property’s kerb appeal and secure you the right sale. Though simple, utilising a few of the above tips can have a big impact on those viewing your home. And, whilst there is no guarantee you’ll add significant overall value to the property, updating your home’s exterior can guarantee you high-quality viewings and a quicker final sale. 

The estate agent you choose to work with should be able to offer you advice on how to portray your home in the very best light, they may even be able to put you in touch with their network of trusted suppliers for maintenance work or upgrades. It’s essential you work with an estate agent that recognises unique opportunities that can have a significant overall effect on the sale of your property, be it simply adding a bird feeder or perhaps redecorating to align with the history of your home. 

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