How Should Surrey Rental Property be Marketed?

We’ve said it here at Seymours time and again, both letting and estate agents need to first and foremost be highly effective marketeers. But why is this exactly? Visibility is crucial within the housing market, particularly for those with an empty property on the search for new tenants. If your premises are empty for an extended period of time, you’ll be losing out on significant income – not to mention the stress it can cause too.

Demand remains high for rentals outside the capital as many commuters look to move closer to the countryside. But, there are a few essential steps you need to take to ensure your property is positioned correctly in this elusive market, securing you the right tenant without unnecessary hassle. In this Seymours letting blog, we’ll be exploring how Surrey rental property should be marketed to stand out from the competition and fill your property sooner with the right renter.

Why Surrey?

Surrey is one of the largest counties by population with only Essex and Kent surpassing it, its population sitting at around 1.19 million people. Stretching from the outskirts of London to the North Downs and Surrey Hills, the area offers the perfect combination of urban and rural life for its residents. Not only ideally situated for easy access to the capital, but the area also allows for quick weekend getaways with fantastic links to the UK’s major airports.

The prosperity and desirability of the county are reflected in the price of the Surrey rental property on offer. Of course, with the University of Surrey also located in the main town of Guildford, there are also more affordable rental properties on the market too for students. Those hoping to rent out their property in the area will have a range of different tenants to appeal to, with the average rental income around £1,200 per month depending on the size and location of your premises.

So, how should Surrey rental property be marketed?

Our Seymours team have compiled a list of our top tips to ensure your marketing strategy is optimised to appeal to the right calibre of tenant. However, the best way to market your rental is to work with an established local letting agent to guarantee optimal exposure to the correct target audience. Not to mention, the knowledge and support you’ll have access to by doing so.

#1 Tenant profiling

Before you begin formulating a marketing strategy to advertise your premise in Surrey, you should first build a persona based on the characteristics of your target audience. You need to refine your focus, otherwise, you’ll be casting your net too wide and potentially put off ideal renters. When you target your audience, you are more likely to fill your property faster.

Not sure what we mean? Let’s say you have a 3-bedroom property – it’s in a nice area with fantastic views and a large garden. The size and location mean it should therefore appeal to professional couples looking to settle down or young families, the rental level probably puts it out of reach of recently qualified graduates. It’s in the catchment area of two top schools with a local park also close by. So, a profile based on these presumptions would suggest a 28-38-year-old professional couple or young family looking to settle. Once you’ve established the tenant profile, you can begin considering the best marketing routes.

#2 Professional photography

To secure viewings with potential renters, you first need to have professional visuals that appeal to your audience. A blurred iPhone image may suggest to tenants that you aren’t fully invested in acting as a landlord, perhaps failing to communicate effectively should maintenance issues arise.

The pictures should give an accurate representation of the rental property, showcasing each room with multiple pictures and angles. Lighting plays a huge role in the quality of your photos so if you’re going to take the images yourself, make sure it is well lit. You can also do a video walkthrough to show prospective tenants around virtually, enticing them to see more in person. Remember, a picture says a thousand words!

One element commonly overlooked that is crucial to an effective online advertisement is a floor plan. These should be included with your professional photography to promote the space and ensure a tenant has all necessary information to base their decision upon – understanding both the layout and size of the space before they view it in person can help manage expectations.

#3 Social savvy

To successfully market Surrey rental property you should be creatively utilising social media. The majority of tenants and prospects will have a social media account of some description and therefore, it’s another channel you should be taking advantage of to showcase your premises and entice potential renters.

However, it’s no good just posting one image and hoping for results. You need consistent posting, optimised to appeal to your target audience – think branding, but for your property, rather than business. Try posting a few times throughout the week with different angles and images along with information about the property and contact details. Friday is a particularly popular day for house searches to browse, so consider boosting your post in preparation for this spike.

#4 Rapid responses

Most prospective tenants expect a reply within 24 to 48 hours and the sooner, the better. Particularly for those new to the letting world, answering the vast array of questions thrown your way quickly can be challenging. So, it can be useful to first prepare answers for some of the most common enquiries you’ll face. These may include the terms of the lease, whether you allow pets, security deposit requirements, minimum credit scores and applicable reference checks.

This will not only improve the likelihood of you securing viewings as you reply readily to incoming enquiries, but it will also allow you to save time by eliminating unqualified tenants, narrowing down your search effectively.

#5 Network with the community

Particularly important for those with several properties in the area, you may want to consider connecting with the community to make your property stand out from others on offer. Move your property into the public eye by positioning yourself as a landlord in the centre of the community – sponsor an activity at the local school or assist at a fundraiser event, handing out information to put your property out there. This will see you become a reputable, established landlord in the area that people will recommend to those new to the area.

Remember, you aren’t just marketing your property! You are selling the whole area, from local libraries and walking trails to neighbourhood safety and independent bars, if you can become a recognised name in the community, you’ll be boosting your appeal as a landlord with a difference.

#6 Market elsewhere

Online portals are essential for the marketing of Surrey rental property. Over 97% of all searches begin on portals such as Boomin, Zoopla, Rightmove and OnTheMarket so it’s crucial your property is advertised on at least one, if not all three of these popular sites. But, that isn’t to say you should only focus your attention on these sites. In fact, if you fail to optimise your visibility by marketing elsewhere and opting for more traditional routes in combination with these online portals, you could be drastically limiting your reach.

To let your property quickly, you should also be utilising more traditional routes such as word of mouth and referrals. A review can do wonders as it installs confidence in your ability as a landlord so offer to put potential renters in touch with previous tenants. And, of course, don’t underestimate the power of a ‘To Rent’ sign outside your home! If placed correctly, passers-by interested in the area will immediately have their interest spiked and want to discover more.

#7 Working with Seymours, local letting agents in Surrey

Using a letting agent has a variety of different benefits for you as a landlord whether you opt for a tenant-find only or full management. As Surrey’s award-winning local letting agency, you can confidently trust our team of dedicated experts to position your property correctly in the market. Our services include professional photography, access to our established social media channels and online portal accounts alongside our credibility and extensive network.

With nearly 30 years in the Surrey letting market, we can provide you with property peace of mind. Not only are we able to provide you with support, expertise and our experience but we can guarantee you a high calibre of tenants. Plus, our team all live locally themselves! Each has the essential insight required to showcase your property in the very best light, you certainly won’t find letting agents more passionate about the area than our team!

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