Letting Property in Surrey: How Do Agents in Surrey Differ From Elsewhere?

You may think all letting agents are the same across the country and, therefore, your choice of firm will have little impact on your property’s place in the market. But, this is simply not the case. When letting property in Surrey, it’s crucial to understand the importance of hiring the right agent as agencies can differ significantly; the housing market varies across the UK and it’s essential you work with an established, local and reputable agency when looking to rent out your property. Otherwise, you may be left to deal with unnecessary stresses and avoidable additional expenses – particularly in such an affluent area as Surrey, your renters may begin doubting and advising other potential tenants to steer clear.

The agent you choose to work with will have a huge impact on your overall experience as a landlord. So, in this Seymours article, we’re highlighting the crucial differences between agents in the area and exploring why letting property in Surrey should be handled with care. Ultimately, you want to be able to forget about the day-to-day running of your property investment and leave any potential issues in the careful hands of the professionals, no matter where you are in the country.

What should you be looking for with your estate agent when letting property in Surrey?

It’s clear to see the benefits associated with renting out your property in the Surrey area, but how does an estate agent differ here from elsewhere across the country? And, how do you know your working with the right agency for your property? The Seymours lettings team are dedicated professionals, having built up a reputation in the local area over the last 30 years as the go-to firm for landlords and we’re sharing with you the key things to look out for with your Surrey let agent.

#1 Local knowledge

As we’ve already touched upon briefly, local estate agent knowledge is essential when letting property in Surrey. To appeal to the right target audience and calibre of tenant, your letting agent should be tailoring their viewings and only accepting those they think will have a real interest in renting the property. 

When searching for a letting agent, ensure you test their local expertise – are they a local in the area and is the firm renowned in the community? What is their favourite cafe in the area and do they know the nearest public transport link to your property? Don’t be afraid to probe to understand how thorough a viewing potential tenants are likely to receive. 

#2 Marketing tools

Whilst it’s crucial the letting agent you work with utilises the big three online portals, as this is where 80% of all rentals begin, they should have an innovative solution to stand out from the competition in the area. How will your advert stand out from the crowd when on initial inspection it may be similar to another? 

Remember to ask how your property will be marketed; again, this should be tailored to your target audience so you may want to focus on a layout that could appeal to a young couple, showcasing how the spare room can be converted into a children’s room or, for a professional highlight an area that could be utilised as a home office. Note that high-quality images and premium listings are essential to properties being snatched up quickly as you’ll attract viewers with purpose. 

#3 Testimonials and referrals

Perhaps most importantly, speak to other locals in the area about their experience with the letting agent or their outside opinion on the firm. This can provide valuable insight into how potential tenants may feel about renting from you as a landlord should you be associated with a particular agency – it could have either a positive or negative impact depending on their reputation. 

Reviews can be found online and you should also ask the agency for their testimonials, not from only landlords but from previous tenants too to build the full picture. 

#4 Pool of tenants

An effective let agent should have a pool of potential tenants and so, should immediately be able to begin conducting viewings that are likely to convert. However, as the landlord, when conducting your research you should pay special attention to the type of properties the agent lists. They may specialise in a particular area or audience different to that associated with your property, and by choosing them you may be missing out on a larger range of tenants. 

#5 Current listings

It may seem obvious, but check the current rental listings before signing to work with a letting agent. Act as a tenant would and view these listings from their perspective, ask yourself if you would want to view the property and rent it? And, if the answer is no, then it’s likely this isn’t the right firm for you. 

The most successful listings use a combination of creative originality, individual style and factual information. So, when reading a description check to see if you walk away fully informed and inspired to investigate more by booking a viewing. 

Why choose Seymours as your letting agent in Surrey

Letting property in Surrey can seem daunting, particularly if you are new to the renting world. But, working with a local estate agent in the area can smooth the process and leave you reaping the benefits of your investment. As an affluent area with fantastic transport links to the capital and a vibrant community, you are in an excellent position as a landlord in the county. However, that isn’t to say it’s all smooth sailing! You still need to partner with a reputable letting agent that is experienced in the area to avoid the common pitfalls and headaches of renting. 

Here at Seymours, we have nearly 30 years in the Surrey letting market and can provide you with property peace of mind. Our dedicated team will be on hand to offer support whenever you need it and we guarantee a high calibre of tenants, eliminating any cause for concern. And, all of our team live locally themselves! So, have the expertise and essential insight required to showcase your property in the very best light.

Let your property with the experts today: choose Seymours Letting Agents.

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