Lockdown Home Improvements

We’ve put together a list of home improvement projects which can help you add value to your home, optimise the space available and keep yourself busy during what will, hopefully, be the final weeks of lockdown.


A fresh lick of paint…

A fresh lick of paint can only help improve the look and perceived value of your home and adds an instant appeal for potential homebuyers. It’s so easy to do yourself and yet makes all the difference, so there’s no excuse not to! We’d recommend focusing on:

Front door – The first port of call for any prospective buyer and your chance to make a great first impression. If your door is a little worse for wear, then it would be a good idea to pick a colour that reflects the unique personality of your house or, if you want to play it safe, maybe pick a neutral tone that is likely to appeal to a broader range of buyers.

Door frames, kitchen units and stairways – Give these areas a quick clean with soap and water and dry them with a cloth (a good tip to bear in mind before painting any surface). If they’re looking a bit rough, then use sandpaper to give them a nice smooth finish. Use a thinner brush and, similar to the front door, pick a colour that matches the house or a neutral tone.

Garden fences – As with the door frames, give any rough-looking fences a look over and replace any broken or rotting panels and then give them all a new paint job. This will improve the aesthetics of your garden and also help protect the panels from weather damage and future rot.

Around the house – while you’ve got your paint out, it would be a good idea to touch up any areas around the house which are looking a bit grubby or where previous paint jobs are showing their age.

Of course, if you fancy a much bigger project then perhaps assemble the troops and embark upon a complete re-paint of your house. This can really revitalise a room and put it in tip-top shape, adding enormous value. Keep in mind that sometimes this is best left to the professionals!


Rediscover your green thumb…

Now is the perfect opportunity to get outside and tend to your garden or front-of-house and give these areas some love. Tidying your lawn and shrubs as well as ensuring your pathways are properly maintained are often overlooked tasks. Keeping your green spaces vibrant and healthy is a great way to add value to your property with minimal effort and cost, and it can be very satisfying to do so.

If your property doesn’t have a garden, then a couple of hanging baskets outside the front door or some potted plants can really add some warmth and colour to the surroundings. Similarly, look to bring the outdoors indoors with some choice house plants. Spider plants, lavender, snake plants and rosemary are all very popular choices which look lovely, smell amazing and do wonders for your mental wellbeing.


Add some fresh scents…

Make sure your house doesn’t reek of fresh paint when you have potential buyers over. Keep windows open to air out the house and use scented candles or air fresheners (though you don’t want to go over the top with these either) to leave rooms smelling pleasant. Candles especially are a great way to revamp a room; they look elegant and can make a superb centrepiece. Another way to add floral scents is to decorate with vases of flowers, adding vibrant colours, natural perfumes, and bringing life to rooms.


Homely touches can add value…

It’s key to reach a healthy balance when decorating your house for a sale. Adding certain elements can make a room look more aesthetically pleasing but too much, and you can clutter the house. Accessorising with colour and textured cushions, candles, artwork or rugs can tie rooms together well and often give the illusion of space. Intelligent placement of mirrors is another way that you can create this effect, and if installed correctly, mirrors can add light, liven up rooms that don’t have windows and act as a wonderful decoration.


As always it’s important if you’re looking to sell your property, that you get all the advice you need and feel comfortable before taking the next steps. If you need any more information or are ready to begin taking the next steps and want some guidance on where to start, get in touch with your local Seymours branch today. https://wp.seymours-estates.co.ukoffices