Seymours Join National Advisory Council

Ian Marlow appointed to NAC

Home ownership is at the bedrock of our society in the UK, at the heart of politics, economics and socially as many of us aspire to move up the housing ladder. Understanding the market's nuances, the indispensable role of estate agents and the evolving landscape of property transactions is essential for professionals in the industry in order for them to provide the best advice for their clients.

It's with this understanding in mind that we sat down for a conversation between two eminent figures in the real estate domain: Ian Marlow, Group Operations Director at Seymours Estate Agents, and Iain McKenzie, CEO of The Guild of Property Professionals.

This dialogue comes at a crucial juncture as Ian Marlow has recently been elected to join the National Advisory Council (NAC) with The Guild of Property Professionals, alongside 19 other distinguished individuals from across the UK. This appointment is not only a testament to Ian's career to date, his expertise and contributions to the industry but also highlights Seymours' pivotal role in shaping the future of the UK housing market and the estate agency profession.

Excellence in Estate Agency

At the core of Seymours Estate Agents is our relentless pursuit of excellence, a principle that has propelled our operations across 20 branches in Surrey. Their near two-decade affiliation with The Guild of Property Professionals speaks volumes about our commitment to quality and integrity in the real estate industry.

The conversation between Ian Marlow and Iain McKenzie underscores the Guild membership's criteria, focusing on all-round excellence in customer service, marketing effectiveness, team quality and community involvement. This comprehensive approach ensures people looking for an estate agent, can place their trust in a Guild certified agent to not only meet but exceed their expectations.

UK Property Market: Insights and Outlook

Despite the fluctuating nature of the UK housing market, insights from the conversation offer a reassuring perspective on its resilience and prospective trajectory. The UK market has demonstrated remarkable stability, supported by the foundational role of homeownership in society.

The discussion, which you're able to watch above, explores factors sustaining the market, such as a supply shortage and the intrinsic value of homes in the UK, suggesting a robust landscape for 2024, marked by increased market activities, mortgage rate stability and a healthy demand-supply equilibrium.

The Big Decision: Choosing The Right Estate Agent

Selecting an estate agent is a pivotal decision in any property transaction. This discussion highlights the significance of trust, marketing exposure and the value of good, strong personal relationships between agent, buyer AND seller, in this process.

The Guild of Property Professionals membership emerges as a key trust indicator, providing clients assurance through a commitment to trust, integrity and results. The Guild's expansive network and collaborative ethos further amplify the value delivered to sellers and buyers alike, enabling smoother and more efficient property transactions across the county, but particularly here in Surrey and south London.

Buyer and Seller Dynamics

Acknowledging the challenges and needs of buyers and sellers is vital for successful home-moves to take place. The conversation recognises the difficulties buyers face in finding their dream homes and the importance of partnering with an agent who prioritizes their best interests.

For sellers, the Guild's network offers unparalleled support and exposure, ensuring properties reach the broadest audience.

This mutually beneficial relationship between buyers and sellers, fostered by a trusted network of estate agents, cultivates a fluid and vibrant marketplace.

Adapting to Change: The Evolution of Real Estate Agencies

While the estate agency industry has seen significant evolution, especially when you look at improvements in communication and technology, its essence remains unchanged - it's a business about people.

Seymours Estate Agents embodies this philosophy, prioritising a people-centric approach deeply woven into the community fabric, enriched by local knowledge and enhanced by technological advancements. The Guild of Property Professionals supports these efforts, highlighting the industry's collective drive towards progress.


The engaging conversation between Ian Marlow and Iain McKenzie not only provides comprehensive insights into the current and future states of the real estate industry but also underscores the importance of leadership roles within industry bodies like The Guild of Property Professionals.

Ian Marlow's election to the National Advisory Council (NAC) signifies Seymours' influential position in moulding the future of the UK housing market and the estate agency profession.

As we navigate the evolving property landscape, Seymours are set to play a crucial role in steering the industry towards excellence, integrity, and an unwavering commitment to providing the best service to those looking to move home.