Our work with Seymours Netball Club: Seymours and the Surrey Community

Having worked in the area for over thirty years, Seymours estate agency has become deeply rooted within the Surrey community. As locals themselves, our team of estate agents understand how important it is to not only advertise and promote the properties we have for sale, but also the area itself. House hunters are buying into a new lifestyle, so it’s crucial they are made aware of how the community may meet their individual needs. Surrey is a vibrant county with a range of different activities for all within the community to partake in. It’s a fantastic choice for all ages, from young families and professionals to elderly couples looking to retire in the area. 

So, what do Seymours do within the community? Over the years, we’ve supported hundreds of different projects and teams across the Surrey county. This week, we’re proud to shed a light on one of our long term community partnerships with the Seymours Netball Club. 

Netball is not only fantastic exercise for those involved, but it’s also a great opportunity to bring together players from all walks of life. A friendly competitive netball club in the Heart of Surrey, Seymours have supported the team for several years. Most recently, we presented the club with the funds for new team jumpers as we move towards the winter season. Learn more in our blog post below…

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Find out more about the Surrey community…

Community is a major selling point for any area. After all, whilst you may live in a property, you’ll be spending a large portion of your time out and about. So, this is certainly a key consideration for those purchasing a property – their priority will be to understand if they’ll enjoy the lifestyle on offer to them.

In the South-East, you can’t find an area much better than Surrey. From the bustling city-like lifestyle of Guildford to the charming sleepy village of Shere, there is something for everyone in the county. Away from the chaotic streets of London whilst still offering excellent local amenities and transport links, Surrey might just be the right option.

Still not sure? We recommend spending a weekend in your area of preference to explore some of the local spots that would be available to you should you move. Or, if you are a property seller, why not suggest a few close-by, independent coffee shops to those viewing your home?

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Sports in the area

There is a whole host of sporting facilities in the area and whether you want to try something completely new, or refine your ability in a particular sport, there will likely be an option for you.

From leisurely golfing days out to high adrenaline mountain biking rides and SUP paddle boarding adventures, there is so much to explore on your doorstep. Get active within the Surrey community as you discover something you love, keeping you fit as part of the process. 

Not keen to partake, why not support one of the local clubs? Or treat yourself and enjoy a glass of fizz at one of the best racecourses in the UK – from Epsom to Sandown, you can watch one of these thrilling races play out. Alternatively, take to the water; hire a boat and relax along one of Surrey’s scenic rivers or canals. It doesn’t always have to be non-stop! Getting outside in the beautiful countryside of Surrey can allow you to feel a part of the community as you engage with local businesses and meet new people.

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Seymours Netball Club 

A thriving, performance-oriented netball club with over forty players, two level 2 coaches and three qualified umpires, Seymours Netball Club is a wonderful Surrey community club to be a part of. 

Whilst sporting goals are high, the club is founded on caring and inclusive values. Often, the team participates in local charitable events and at Seymours estate agency, we’re delighted to be able to support such a fantastic club. 

Dominique Ferrucci, the club’s founder, quotes “From very early on in the conception of the club we have been so fortunate to enjoy the support of Seymours Estate Agents. It’s been such a valued partnership and while our activities are completely different, there are so many similarities in our ambition, our desire to be active in the local community and to be welcoming and inclusive. There’s no doubt that without their support, we would not have grown into the thriving, vibrant and competitive netball club that we are today. We are so proud to wear their colours and logo on our kits every Saturday.”

Are you in the Surrey community and fancy joining the Seymours Netball Club? Training happens on a Tuesday at Sir Williams Perkins School in Guildford between 7:30 and 9 pm.

Marketing an area

As we’ve already touched upon, marketing an area correctly is crucial to the overall sale of a property. Buyers want more than a house, they want a lifestyle. It’s your estate agent’s job to help them envision themselves going about their daily routines in the local area. Whether it be recommending a local pub or takeaway, popular walkings spots, providing information on the nearest public transportation link or detailing school catchments, any lifestyle and Surrey community questions should be readily answered by the estate agent. 

So, when choosing who to sell your property with, it’s crucial you search locally. An estate agency established within the community will have a thorough understanding of the key selling points. Whilst an online estate agent may appear to be a suitable option, they won’t be able to highlight what makes an area stand out. If torn between two areas, you need an estate agent that can ensure the unique needs of the buyer is addressed. For example, are you a keen netball player? Our team of estate agents will be able to point you in the right direction to our Seymours netball club!

Whatever your passions, ensure these are made clear to your estate agents so you can make an informed decision about an area. You shouldn’t base a decision purely on the features of a property as you may find the reality is far different to what you imagined.

Seymours Estate Agency

With over thirty years in the area and an ever-expanding portfolio, Seymours can provide buyers with the confidence to make this life-changing purchase. Moving home can be a highly stressful experience, particularly if you are completely new to an area. Having the reassurance of a local estate agent, established within the community can ensure you can comfortably begin your new life in the community.

Whilst you can research an area and discover more for yourself, having a little prior information can make all the difference as you feel far more settled from the offset. Certainly, it can be daunting starting from scratch again. So, build a relationship and partner with an experienced estate agent that understands your needs. 

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