Property for sale Guildford: How to make your home stand out

The housing market is highly competitive and in the last year, we’ve seen an influx in house hunters searching for outside of the capital, meaning property for sale Guildford is in extremely high demand. But, even with this spike in popularity, as a seller, it’s essential you make sure your property stands out and catches the attention of as many potential buyers as possible. 

“How can I make my home stand out?” – it’s a question we’re frequently asked as Guildford’s top-rated estate agent. In general, major home remodelling has a low return of an investment.  Instead, try adopting these simple tips from our Seymours Guildford team to give your property the edge. As a result of following this guide, not only will more potential buyers view your home, but it’s likely you’ll achieve a higher selling price faster too. Remember, a home isn’t all about bricks and mortar, you’ll be surprised how effective these simple, affordable tips can be!

Property for sale Guildford should also, of course, be professionally positioned on the market too to assist the sale of your home. An effective estate agent should first and foremost, be an excellent marketeer! Visibility is essential to selling a home for the best possible price, in the shortest amount of time.

#1 Up your kerb appeal

First impressions are crucial, in fact, it takes just 10 seconds for a potential buyer to begin forming their opinion – from the second the first pull up outside your home. But, the exterior of a property is so often overlooked with the majority of sellers concentrating only on the interior. With just a few simple touch-ups, you can set the tone for the entirety of the viewer’s visit. The most basic of these is, of course, mowing the lawn and trimming the hedges. This will completely transform the appearance of your property for sale Guildford, making the property look well kept and inviting. And, it’s worth investing in a hanging basket or additional potted plants, as greenery is scientifically proven to increase the appeal more to house hunters – try to create symmetry with these if you can, another pleasing feature for the eyes!

Go beyond a general tidy up of the outer landscaping and bring your attention to the paintwork and outer structure of your home too. Brushing up any cracks, or updating the colour and furniture of your front door can have a real impact and set your home apart from the rest. For Guildford property, our Seymours team recommend selecting door furniture that matches the time period of your property, particularly the stunning Victorian terraces dotted around the area. And, why not try painting the front entrance in a blue or green tone – or, if you’re feeling bold, select the Pantone colour of the year to stay on trend and appeal to affluent buyers in the area. 

#2 Keep things neutral inside

It may sound somewhat counter-intuitive when trying to stand out, but it is a universally acknowledged piece of advice to follow when trying to sell your home. Potential buyers want to envision themselves living in a property, and whilst adding a touch of your own personality here and there can be beneficial, opening the space and allowing them to reimagine it as their home will be far more appealing to one full of clutter and bold colours. 

You don’t want your house to be dull, but it should act as a blank canvas, inviting viewers to reimagine the space. Therefore, colours and furniture should be neutral, along the lines of brownish, beige, grey, with no extravagant elements that steal the show and get stuck in people’s minds. Whilst a fantastic cabinet or elegant wardrobe can spike a viewer’s interest, they may be left unable to envision their own furniture in the space and feel as though the property would not be the same without the piece. 

#3 Nail quick repairs 

Property for sale Guildford can be let down by small fixes, perhaps jobs you’ve been meaning to get round to doing but just haven’t quite had the time. The wobbly stair bannister, the loose window handle, the dripping bathroom sink – all can have a major impact on the overall appeal of your home for a buyer. Over 60% of home hunters want a property they can immediately move into, not one they need to work on, even if in the grand scheme of things it’s an insignificant touch-up taking less than a few minutes. 

These small repairs if not maintained may lead potential buyers to question what else has gone neglected, such as larger jobs they perhaps can’t see on the surface. However, these quick fixes should be completed to a high standard – you certainly don’t want to draw more attention or potentially make it worse! If in doubt of your DIY capabilities, speak to your estate agent and they’ll be able to put you in contact with a trusted tradesperson that can effectively provide a solution.

#4 Be a local cheerleader

This is perhaps not so much of an essential tip to transform the appearance of your property, however, it highlights the importance of working with an estate agent with local expertise. Or, similarly, if you decide to conduct your own viewings, you’ll need to emphasise Guildford’s charm and amenities. Be a cheerleader for your local community and stand out from the simple property viewings.

Emphasising the attractive features of your local area is particularly important if you are selling to people who are new to the area. Did you know, a quarter of people told a survey they would take into account the proximity of a good local pub when deciding whether to buy a home? They may want to know the nearest cafe for coffee before 9 am, how far you are from the coast, the catchment area of the local schools and much more. So, it’s imperative you work with an expert estate agent that can confidently answer these questions and showcase your property in Guildford in the best possible light. 

#5 Home comforts

Viewings are your opportunity to make a potential buyer fall in love with your property. Though these are typically performed by your estate agent, you can still prepare your home to ensure it has maximum appeal and a competitive edge. There are a few clever tricks to ensure your property is showcased in the very best light, even if you are not present during the viewing. Follow these simple tips to make your viewing one to remember:

  • Rooms should be well lit and curtains left drawn open, particularly important if you have an impressive garden to showcase. 
  • Light a fire if you have one and avoid leaving any areas unheated during the winter months. 
  • Avoid strong odours, and opt for natural, homely smells such as freshly baked bread or a tumble dryer that’s just been on. 
  • Take your pets out for a walk as this can make viewers feel uncomfortable, particularly if they have to squeeze by constantly. 

#6 Don’t forget the neighbours

However immaculate your home may be, if it is situated between two unkempt properties then it’s going to have a negative impact on those all-important first impressions. Perhaps offer to mow your neighbour’s lawn if you have a few spare hours, or assist them in refreshing the paintwork on their windows. The same goes for an adjoining fence that’s broken; whilst it may not be your responsibility, it can make the whole street look more homely and ultimately secure you more viewings, leading to higher offers and a quicker sale. 

There are a number of different ways to increase the overall appeal of your home, the majority of which are quick and easy to do yet have the ability to transform how a house hunter views the property. In such a competitive market, it’s crucial you make your property stand out from the crowd. Otherwise, you risk a long-winding sale and missed opportunities to reach the best possible price. Guildford is renowned for its fantastic location and vibrant community, but that doesn’t automatically mean your property will be snatched up. You still need to highlight the unique characteristics and charm of your home to portray to buyers why they should make an offer on your property rather than another. 

Property for sale Guildford: Working with the area experts, Seymours estate agents

Here at Seymours, we have nearly 30 years in the Guildford housing market and can provide you with property peace of mind. Our dedicated team will be on hand to offer support whenever you need it, from the initial meeting to the final handing over of the keys, we can help you. And, all of our team live locally themselves! So, have the expertise and essential insight required to showcase your property in the very best light. 

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