The Ultimate Guide With Tips For Winter Moving In Surrey

As stressful as the process is, trying to move house in the cold and dark months can be a feat in itself. However, sometimes it just can’t be helped and that’s why we have compiled these top tips for winter moving in Surrey. Our team couldn’t praise the area enough, but you can’t be too careful when your furniture and assets are being moved. In such a rural area surrounded by countryside – it’s not just the cold you need to be cautious of. 


Wrap Up Your Items Well 

A common mistake people make is thinking that the way in which you pack will be the same no matter the weather. While you of course need to make sure breakables are packaged thoroughly and large furniture can be moved without damage, there are some extra precautions you need to take in the colder months. 

If you have any valuable wooden furniture, it would be a sensible idea to cover them with additional blankets or layers that will help protect their surfaces. This reduces the risk of cracking or denting during the move in any case. But with sub-zero temperatures – you’re even more likely to notice small imperfections if they aren’t well covered. 

Similarly, other temperature-sensitive assets like electronics should have extra protection. You may want to think about transporting these at the last minute and packing them within bedding or soft furnishings boxes to help keep them damp and chill-free. While you don’t want them overheating – it is also important to remember that the colder weather may affect their performance.

Another consideration to take into account is the fact that glass and ceramics are prone to cracking in low temperatures. You don’t want to open your box of vases or wine glasses to find not one survived the trip. So this gives you even more of a reason to take great care when wrapping them up. Bubble wrap is your best friend!

Think Twice About Packing Liquids

The first thing a lot of people like to do when they get into their new home is a good spritz and a clean. This often means transporting cleaning supplies ready to be unpacked as soon as possible. 

Additionally, many households will take bottles and other toiletries with them. While this tends to be less of a problem for liquids containing alcohol – there are some instances where you may find cracked or burst containers simply from the removal process itself. One of our best tips for winter moving in Surrey is to think twice about packing liquids if you can; especially amongst other valuable items. 

If you do need to pack them, our advice would be to package them separately from clothing and bedding. Amongst a stressful process, you don’t want to settle into your new property and be met with a nasty surprise on arrival. One solution is to store them in a plastic box or container with bubble wrap or other packing material inside to keep them from breaking. 

When it comes to drinks and glass bottles – the same goes. Keep them away from anything that might get stained. However, if you can find old rugs or blankets that you won’t worry about too much – wrapping them up will keep them warm and protected against cracking. It is usually worth taking things like this in your personal vehicle, rather than letting removals companies handle them. This way you can keep an eye on it and take them straight to where they need to be.


Pack Cold Weather Essentials

One of the great tips for winter moving in Surrey is to pack a box full of items that will help you power through. Even when you get the keys, it can be a little while before the heating properly kicks in and you’ll certainly notice the chill. This goes for the removal day too. With people coming in and out, you’ll likely have doors open letting the cold air in. This can be tough on children and elderly people in particular so it is important to cater for these conditions. Our checklist would include:

  • A kettle to prepare hot drinks when you arrive
  • A blanket or two for when you get some downtime
  • Extra layers for the little ones if they’re getting chilly outside
  • Packets of soup you can have in a mug to warm you through
  • Snacks to keep your energy up and body warm

If you do have little ones – it may also help them (and you) to have some games, movies and toys on hand to keep them occupied. It can quickly become boring sitting around waiting for things to happen, so keeping everyone busy is a must. We don’t want people getting cold and grouchy! 

Additionally, packing some toiletries, warm clothes and towels will help get you settled in more quickly after a long day. Although, if you are expecting particularly bad weather – snow shovels and salt for the pathways may be essential items many people miss. It is so important to think about safety in these months and with our tips for winter moving in Surrey – there could be a lot of you out there moving to rural areas. These are notorious for icy roads. 

Transportation & Removals

Firstly, it is important to hire a professional company to move your valuables. They have the expertise to properly pack and transport your furniture that will also take the pressure off of you. At this time of year – many people are busy enough as it is, so they can help reduce the impact of the weather. Moving in the snow or ice is risky and dangerous so leaving it to the experts could mitigate any damage to you or your assets.

Next, you need to think about how you are getting from one place to the other. The rest of your belongings will be coming with you along with family members and pets so we recommend planning the journey ahead to keep yourself safe. You will need time in your busy schedule to pack the car and figure out the best route before you leave. 

As well as this, taking the time to get extra winter checks on your car or van will ensure it is winter-ready. This will reduce the risk of unwanted breakdowns in the middle of such an important journey. After being seen by a mechanic, you may want to stock the car with ice scrapers, tire chains and any other emergency equipment you can find. (Just in case!)


Communicate With Previous Occupants

This is something your estate agent can help you with, so it’s useful to plan ahead when intending to communicate with previous owners. Use weather apps to your advantage and see what the temperature will be like on the day you move in. This way you can ring ahead and get the previous occupants to leave the heating on low. When you get in from a freezing moving process, the warm and cosy environment will be just what you need. 

Estate agents can advise on the best way to do this, but it shouldn’t be an issue as once the old owners leave – it is up to you to pay for the heating anyway! It is a small gesture that will make your first day much more enjoyable. 

However, it is not unheard of for people to contact each other directly. If you have their details from a previous viewing, you could give them a call and ask for one favour before they leave. Although, if they leave the property unoccupied for a period of time it might not be possible for them to regain access. In which case it could be beneficial to make a trip before your move date. If this is possible and you have the keys, you could go the day before to set up the heating to come on in the morning. That way it will be ready for you on arrival. 

Other Important Considerations

While these tips for winter moving in Surrey are crucial during the latter part of the year, there are some things that could come in handy for any adverse weather conditions. 

Cover Your Floors

With plenty of people walking in and out, you’re going to need to protect your floors. From snow to mud, you can expect all sorts coming in from outside and whether it’s your new place or home you’re leaving – you want to keep them spic and span. Old rags or runners are the best options as plastic will become slippery which may be hazardous. 

Rope In Some Extra Help

You are going to want to take particular care when the weather is against you. This is why it can be useful to contact as many people as possible that may be willing to give you a hand. If people can help you bring boxes in and out, you can be more careful about it while still getting things done quickly. 

Additionally, it could help to have a dedicated ‘car packer’. This way you can be sure everything is safely stowed away and you haven’t missed anything. While you bring each item out, they can put it straight in the car to avoid anything being left out in the cold and wet. 

Don’t Skimp On The Boxes

The ones you buy from your local supermarket might not be proper removal equipment. This means you could be left with soggy and broken boxes if they were to get the slightest bit damp. Because of the weather, you will probably find it more beneficial to invest in some more durable boxes. But whatever you choose – don’t forget to label them well!

Get The Day Started Early

One thing about the winter is – you feel like you only get half a day! It gets dark by 4 o’clock most nights, so getting up and out early will help it feel like you have more of the day to spare. You’ll need to make the most of any daylight available and the temperature drops even more in the evenings! If you come across any issues, they’ll get fixed before it gets dark.

It also leaves you time to explore all of the secret hidden gems in the area!


Tips For Winter Moving In Surrey From Seymours Estate Agents

While it is so lovely to live in a rural area surrounded by countryside. It can often feel as though it’s darker than anywhere else! With less light pollution outside of the cities, it’s even more of a risk when you enter the Christmas period. To make the most of the days and get as much done as possible – you’ll want to get up and out and ring around for as much support as possible. 

Think carefully about which items go with the removal company and which you take with you. The more temperature-sensitive items will need to be well looked after – but professional movers can help direct you. 

Moreover, our team at Seymours work closely with our local community and so know all the tricks of the trade. Not only can we help you with the buying and selling process, but we’re always there to give advice whenever we can. Our jobs don’t stop until you’re in and settled! So to get the process started, buying, selling or letting or just for some friendly advice on the removals process – get in touch! You can fill in our contact form or call one of our 20 dedicated branches here