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Whether you're selling or letting, we're experts at helping you establish the value of your property in Horsell. Lets start by getting to know you and your property.

Horsell is always a desirable place to live, we can help you understand your property's value and expected demand.

Despite there only ever being a limited amount of properties for sale in Horsell, Seymours have successfully assisted hundreds of people looking to make a move in or out of the village since opening to specialise in the village back in early 2012 in addition to the nearby Seymours Woking office in the town centre. 

We are very proud to sponsor almost all local community events including the annual Horsell Village show, Horsell garden safari, Horsell Scouts & Guides May fayre, various Horsell Schools PTA events, Woking high school vocal and instrumental competition and Horsell Christmas Village fare to name a few. 

Below you'll find information to help you research the current market in Horsell, when you're ready, lets talk in person.

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Instant Valuation

We know how busy life can be and how precious time is, so if you're looking for the quickest way to value of your home, our instant valuation tool uses the latest market data and sophisticated algorithms to give you basic understanding of what your property is worth.

Expert Valuation

Every area of Horsell and the surrounding villages have their own nuances. We can advise you of what similar properties are fetching nearby and the subtleties of your home that will boost its value. When you've got the time, let's talk in person.

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