What to look out for with new build homes in Surrey

New build homes in Surrey are a great option, whether you’re a first-time buyer, have a growing family or want to downsize in later years. But, there are a few common issues many buyers are unaware of. So, what questions should you be asking before you sign on the dotted line?

The government has said that 300,000 homes will be built each year by the mid-2020s to combat the national shortage so there is certainly the opportunity for those looking to buy. There’s currently a lot of emphasis on achieving this goal to ensure first-time buyers can climb onto the property ladder. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll be detailing the benefits of these new build homes in Surrey and how you can overcome any hurdles that come up in the buying process.

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What are the benefits? 

There are a number of reasons why a buyer may consider a new build home. These properties have never been lived in before and this is a major selling point for many – buyers feel as though the home is entirely their own.

But it’s not just the sense of ownership that attracts house hunters, there are also practical benefits to purchasing a new build home. From minimal repairs and redecoration requirements to guarantees and improved energy efficiency, you can also save on additional costs.

First-time buyers may be particularly drawn to these property types as they can avoid the potential long-waiting game of a property chain. You can buy your new home at your own pace, moving in on a date that suits you rather than worrying about the ins and outs of an onward chain. 

Furthermore, some developers will offer you the opportunity to build in additional features to again, make the property more your own. This could range from doors and plug sockets to garden landscaping and tiling. The sooner you reserve your home, the more choice will be available to you. However, be aware these add-ons will likely cost extra. 

So, whilst the asking price tends to be up to 10% more for new build homes in Surrey, the long term savings can outweigh this initial expense. It’s always worth speaking to your estate agent and mortgage provider to fully understand the financial impact of a potential ‘do-er upper’ versus a new build. 

Remember, whilst many developers will tell you the price is final, there is always room for negotiation. The likelihood of success will depend on a number of things, such as where the property is, the level of demand and how far along the development is.

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Potential pitfalls

But what about the downfalls? Moving into any home can be stressful and, whilst new build homes in Surrey have their benefits, there can be several challenges to overcome.

Varying levels of customer service from the developer

After-sales care can sometimes be neglected. When you are spending hundreds of thousands on a new property, you’d rightly expect the level of service you receive to be high.

Speak to the developer first-hand and where possible, visit some of the other developments in their portfolio to get a feel for the completed homes. 

Understand how your relationship will progress over the course of the project and you edge closer to the move-in date. Base your decision upon your research.

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Delays in the process

New builds often face delays, particularly if they are bought ‘off plan’ meaning the development is yet to be completed. 

Consider getting your developer to agree to a ‘long stop’ completion date – they’ll then be liable to pay you compensation if the work is not finished by the agreed date. Off-plan does allow you to have some additional flexibility as you can make amendments before the property is completed, yet this is not without risk.

The overall finish

New home warranties won’t cover workmanship and quality finishes. So, make sure you are happy at every stage of the development of your new home before you complete. 

You should have seen copies of plans and specifications of what the developer intends to build – the more details, the better. As a buyer, you should be aware of exactly what you are getting. From designs and measurements to the type and quality of materials and decorative finishes, the developer should provide you with a properly prepared summary.

Anything less, and the developer may reduce the specification of the build and you could end up with something of lower quality than you expected. 

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Leasehold vs. freehold

Understanding if your property is a leasehold or freehold is fundamental. There are certain conditions attached to leasehold properties, with restrictions such as sub-letting and the allowance of pets at the freeholder’s discretion. 

New build flats are only available on a leasehold basis, so talk through with your solicitor the contract terms before you go ahead. This will ensure you can sell your flat in future years as you avoid the leasehold scandal. 

For new build homes in Surrey – or elsewhere for that matter – there is no reason the homebuilder should retain the lease. You’ll be responsible for the ground rental charge which could quickly escalate in years to come making the property unsaleable. Insist on a freehold home if you are buying a newly built property. 

Watch out for warranties

Warranties should give you or the successive owners peace of mind for the first decade in your new build home after construction is completed. But, these act similarly to insurance – if you make a claim, you may be charged even for small remedial work. 

To avoid this, ensure there is a ‘snagging’ provision in your contract to ensure that small issues can be fixed directly with the developer to avoid additional charges. During the first two years, the NHBC will step in if you make a claim against the developer and they fail to complete the remedial work. So, be sure to make a note of any disputes to ensure you meet the expiration date of this guarantee. Remember to notify the developer and the warranty provider. 

When it comes to white goods, you should be provided with the paperwork guarantees on completion. So, ensure this is detailed in your contract before you sign. If you have an issue with a dishwasher or oven, you’ll want to know where to turn to for a fix.

new build honew build homes in Surrey Hopewood

Hopewood Park

Offering a spectacular range of contemporary 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments with stunning panoramic views across the Surrey Hills, Hopewood Park is a high-quality development located in Dorking

The developer Stonegate Homes, quotes “We pride ourselves on delivering quality schemes, carefully designed in stunning settings across the Surrey county. Our focus has always been on creating excellent places to live in well-connected community hubs and we’re excited to continue to do so with Hopewood Park. Completing a range of different projects over the last decade, we’re committed to finishing these properties to the very highest of specifications. Partnering with Seymours, we’ve been able to showcase these new build homes with a reputable and established estate agency in the area – guaranteeing buyers a fantastic long-term investment.”

Hopewood Park prices range from £265,000 – £520,000 with Help to Buy available for first-time buyers.

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