Why Typing ‘Find an Estate Agent Near Me’ is Vital When Selling Your Home

Selling a property can be an exciting new chapter in life; it’s why our Seymours team wakes up each day – to help you on this new journey! However, it can also be a stressful affair when you aren’t working with the right estate agent and because of this, many choose to undergo the process just a handful of times within their lifetime. There are several factors to consider when selecting the right estate agency, but there is one aspect that is severely overlooked yet crucial: location. It’s easy to get carried away once you start receiving valuations, especially with so many different agencies now available, from both online and out-of-area.

In this article, we’ll be exploring why it is so vital you search ‘find an estate agent near me‘ when looking to sell your home. As the expert estate agents in Surrey, the process of selling a home is something we successfully deal with every day. So, to help you through this our team have outlined exactly why working with a local agency is key – whether you are a Seymours local in beautiful Surrey, or from further afield in the country.

Unrivalled Local Knowledge

Perhaps the most obvious but also one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing an estate agent is their knowledge of your property location. When you type ‘find an estate agent near me’ into your search bar, you’ll be narrowing your search down to experts that both work and more crucially, live in your area. Knowledge is power when it comes to selling your home successfully, especially with potential buyers asking quick-fire questions such as:

  • Which primary schools is this property in the catchment area for, and what are their Ofsted ratings?
  • What is the best public transport route into the town centre?
  • Are any development sites going to be built in the area?
  • Where’s the best place for coffee that opens before 9 am?
  • What’s my nearest pub?

Using a local estate agent will ensure that the person selling your home is not only knowledgeable but is passionate about the area and can offer insider information. This would otherwise be a lost opportunity to showcase the location, ultimately meaning you would be less likely to sell your home should you trust the sale to an online or out-of-area estate agent.

Viewing Availability

Would you feel comfortable showing someone around your house, and then asking them to make an offer? Or would you feel more reassured if this was left completely to the professionals?

A local estate agent will be readily available to conduct all viewings for you and they’ll be experienced in how to showcase your home in the very best light (you can be in or out of your home, dependent entirely on your preference). What’s more, the estate agent will have formed a relationship with the potential buyers and understand their requirements fully which therefore makes it easier to actually obtain an offer and get your property sold!

However, ensure you do your research and check opening times before signing a contract. Often, estate agencies are not open on evenings or weekends which can make it difficult to organise viewings as many potential buyers are 9-5 workers.

In addition, the local estate agent will handle all negotiations; as stereotypical Brits, many of us struggle with this conversation and may feel disheartened should an offer be made lower than expected. Whereas, the estate agent will act as a bridge between and be able to secure you the best possible price. 

A Friendly, Reassuring Face – And a Cup of Tea!

As we’ve already touched upon, selling your house is a life-changing event and whilst exciting it can also throw up a range of other emotions from fear to stress. Sometimes, you just need a little reassurance. When you’ve searched the term: find an estate agent near me, you’ll guarantee personal contact throughout the process. 

If sitting down in a professional office (with a cup of tea of course!) whilst completing paperwork or asking a few questions that have been playing on your mind appeals to you, a local estate agent may be the right match. Rather than relying solely on email and telephone communication, you can talk face-to-face with those directly involved in your property’s sale.

Achieve a Higher Offer, and Avoid Hidden Fees

The service you choose can have a detrimental effect on the sum you walk away with from your house sale. Opting for the cheapest upfront option is often a false economy, typically costing you more money in the long run. 

Nothing beats an established, local estate agent; they’ll have the right tools, knowledge and connections to sell your home successfully. Many out-of-area or online estate agents leave the sale to take care of itself because they’ve already been paid. Instead, at Seymours, we use our local expertise to actively secure you the highest possible offer. When we take on a new home, if we think it is well-matched to one of our current potential buyers in our database, we’ll proactively approach them. Having access to this local data can make all the difference when it comes to selling your home for the best price. 

Furthermore, whilst these low-cost estate agents may seem tempting at first glance, many include additional hidden fees that can soon add up. As Surrey’s award-winning estate agency, we include professional photography, ‘for sale’ boards and viewings as standard – all of which many out-of-area and online agents may charge more for. 

Access to Local Data

When considering your options for your estate agent, just a few of the key questions to ask are:

  • Do you have anyone in your books currently that would be interested in my property?
  • Have you recently sold property like mine? If so, who was it sold to?

A local estate agent will have a variety of potential buyers already waiting, and they’ll be able to match those they think would be interested with your property. The majority of sales now start online, but this is not to say it’s no longer crucial you have a local agent as they’ll understand the specifics and build relationships with viewers. For example, an estate agent may show a house-hunter a certain property but this then goes off the market before they can make an offer – if your home is similar, the estate agent will know straight away to take this potential buyer for a viewing. 

Local Connections, from Tradespeople to Solicitors

Choosing to sell your property through a local estate agent then opens up a network of trusted community contacts too, from builders and tradespeople to conveyancers and solicitors – all of which are again local, meaning you’ll be able to meet face-to-face. You, therefore, won’t be leaving one of the biggest decisions of your life to someone on the other side of a computer. Each local component of your house sale will take away from the stress of the process as you’ll be able to form a real connection with each. 

In addition, it is likely your estate agent has worked with these contacts in the past and this will ensure that together, they’ll be able to work seamlessly side-by-side. A personal recommendation can make your life far easier and will instill confidence for you in the ability of the contact.  

Find an Estate Agent Near Me: Why it’s so Critical for Your House Sale

It’s clear to see how finding an estate agent near you is so beneficial when looking to sell your home. However, with so many online and out-of-area options now popping up, many consider it to no longer be necessary. Yet, if you are looking to secure the best possible price for your property, a local estate agent truly has no equal. The service you’ll receive is unrivalled, and you’ll have access to a variety of different resources – from an office to visit should you need a little reassurance to local data of both potential buyers and local contacts. So, whilst the initial search may seem overwhelming, searching for a local estate agent will not only narrow your search but also provide you with a variety of additional advantages that you would not find elsewhere. 

Why Seymours: Surrey’s Local Experts

Our Seymours team have nearly 30 years of experience selling properties within the Surrey area and can provide you with property peace of mind with a service you can rely upon. Our dedicated, passionate team will be on hand to offer you support and reassurance whenever you need it and we guarantee a proactive approach to guarantee you the best possible price for your home. All of our agents work and live within the local area and can tailor their viewings specifically to a potential buyer interested in your home. 

Sell your property with the experts today: choose Seymours Estate Agents. 

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