Land Acquired for Client – Hawksmoor Homes

For three years, we closely monitored an application concerning a parcel of land in Surrey. Despite previous planning refusals for 26 units and an unsuccessful appeal, we approached the landowner to offer our expertise.

After thoroughly reviewing the appeal inspector's decision, we recommended a smaller-scale scheme that would address site-specific challenges and better align with the local neighbourhood. Recognizing the landowner's urgency and reluctance to endure further planning delays, we initiated efforts to find a developer willing to purchase the property unconditionally.

Engaging several retained clients, we successfully secured a buyer at a price satisfactory to the landowner. Despite the complexities of the site, our strategic advice ensured the best outcome for both the landowner and our retained developer. Subsequently, the developer obtained planning permission in early 2024 for the construction of five luxury houses.

92-94 Potters Lane - Unconditional Deal

Address – 92-94 Potters Lane, Send GU23 7AL

Size of Land – 2.94 acres
Planning – Refused Planning for 26 Homes.

Prior use – Residential

Site Location