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From large scale land sales to back garden selloffs, our team of Independent Land Agents
buy and sell development land across the UK.

Our tailored selling service establishes the potential of your land and discusses the possible physical and technical challenges to explore as well as contract options, potential buyers and likely timeframes. Let us guide you through the right land sale process for you and your circumstances.

Land Sale & Acquisition

We offer land, development and property consultancy across London and the South East, covering:

Planning Services

Our thorough planning services include:

Land Acquisition

Our dedicated land acquisition team identifies opportunities to buy all types of development sites – with or without planning permission. Let us negotiate the acquisition on your behalf for the best deal.

Our Success Stories

Law Meadows

Previously an equestrian centre in the heart of Pirbright Village. This site was acquired by Seymours Land team on behalf of Hawksmoor Homes. We were able to work closely with Pirbright Parish and Guildford Planning department to overcome the planning restrictions. Respecting the surrounding village setting and landscape of the site was paramount in the application and planning permission was successfully granted for nine bespoke properties.

Morton Place

Renamed Morton Place to honour the historic links to the Victorian explorer Henry Morton Stanley who resided in Pirbright for many years. The nine luxury properties set within spacious gated grounds are eagerly anticipated and due for launch in Summer 2020.

Land To Sell?

If you’re ready to sell your land or would like to know more about how you can profit from a land sale, get in touch.

We’re happy to chat through the details of a potential land sale with no obligation on your part.

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