Land Acquired for Clients – Concept Developments then Tunsgate Homes

Land Agent Case Study

The landowner reached out to us seeking advice on optimizing the value of three back garden plots he had assembled over a decade while also overseeing his existing property tenants. In response, we selected five developers known for their expertise and asked each to propose schemes illustrating how they would maximize the land's value. Providing them with three weeks for due diligence, we conducted two days of interviews with each developer, delving into topics such as site access, proposed schemes, and land valuation.

Through this discreet off-market approach, we managed to secure a value that exceeded the owner's expectations. After the selected developer obtained planning permission following an appeal, they opted to sell the site. Subsequently, we initiated a search for a buyer and successfully secured Tunsgate Homes, a local developer based near Send, to acquire the site. They are currently in the process of building the homes, scheduled for release in Spring 2024.

Garden Land in Send

Address – Field Way  and Clandon Road, Send, GU23 7LA

Size of Land – 0.80 acres
Planning – STP Deal to then selling consented scheme for 9 houses
Prior use – Three Residential Gardens

New Homes – x9 Luxury Homes due 2024

Site Location